Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Salam..hehe..this is the last part for this sem.yeye..time to holiday..em..but during the holiday still needs to do my final year project..adushh..whatever..^.^

Yang penting now to free with the assignment, project and exam..haha..cuti2 sarawak pasni..hehe..REST time smua...rest my mind hopely..:D

plan2 time cuti..insyaAllah...konvoi with my family going back to my kpg nenek la..and round2 area sri aman also..

Ape yang penting my "incredible huck" is going back with his army..haha..can't wait for his army..never met before..from the first until the last one..wa...thinking about they are aspect with their makcik ni..hahaha...hopely they can make a fren with me...amin..^.^

my..incredible huck..hehe

"Aiman" n "Akmal"

"Siti" kot..forget her name..huhu..sori dil..

Okeh..b4 finish this typing...happy holiday to all my fren..have a nice day with your family..see u all next sem okeh!..maaf jika ada tersalh laku during this sem or b4..^.^..bye2...salam..

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