Friday, October 22, 2010

.:: Kasih Sayang Mereka Takkan Hilang ::.

.:: Busy Make Me Blurr ::.

.:: I Love Them ::.

.:: My True Family ::.

.:: Second Family ::.
.:: Kpg Kuala Penyu, Sabah ::.
.:: Miss Them So Much ::.

.:: Third Family ::.
.:: Kampung Debak,Sri Aman,Sarawak ::.
.:: Miss You All ::.


.:: Me and I ::.

I know..sometime i'm careless,
sometimes I can make mistake,
sometimes I no need a partner,
I need a rest and privacy,
When I feel lose and missing something,
I Feel I am a loser,
I will be a fool person,
Me or I?
That is a same person..
Believe it,
They are a partner when u feel lonely,
They are a good teacher to teach you everything,
They can be a good friend for you,
They will make you smile..
Please I or Me,
Try and learn from them,
you will not be a loser,
you will not be a fool person,
You will be a good Child,
A good Friends,
A good partner to everyone around you,
A good person in Your Life..
Please...Keep It and Be...
I or Me..
And Love them deeply in your heart..
I or Me..

from : Adilah Sarbini

p/s: no idea...hentam jela..xtaw sajak ke ape..


Ckin Kembaq said...

banyaknya family...hehe

Fello Ariza said...

banyak na juak family ktak dieylah..

.:: dieylah :: said...

Ckin Kembaq :: hehe..suke2 cri byk family...nanti kalo dtg kt tmpt tu x sush cri tmpt tdo..hik3

Fello :: yala tek..tang suka gilak ngekot program ank angkt.. best bh blaja cara idup org len.. hihi